Ontario Line Project Overview

The Ontario Line will be a 15.6-kilometre subway line that will make it faster and easier to travel within Toronto and beyond.

The line will bring 15 new stations to the city and will run from Exhibition Place, through the heart of downtown, all the way to the Ontario Science Center. It will give people more time back in their days, with a trip from one end to the other taking less than 30 minutes compared to the 70 minutes it takes on transit today. There will also be significant relief from crowding throughout the existing transit network thanks to connections to more than 40 other travel options along the way, including the TTC's Line 1 and Line 2, three GO Transit rail lines, and the Eglinton Crosstown LRT.

Construction is now underway.

Project details provided by Metrolinx.


Connect 6ix Members


Lead in systems design,
installation, and integration.


Lead in P3 framework, project
development, and financial management.


Lead in design construction of track works, gudieway fit-out, and operations/ maintenance satellite facilities.


Lead in transport infrastructure projects, railway system and facilities.


Lead in OMR transit systems, including operations, maintenance, finance, and human resources.

Through this consortium, Connect 6ix's efforts will focus on a long-term solution, which optimizes value to the public and Ontario taxpayers

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